Welcome in the Youth Hostel Kelbra

A family hostel with a view right under the Kyffhäuser Monument

Peacefully situated on the forested northern edge of the Kyffhäuser Mountains, our hostel is located amid orchards and under the Kyffhäuser Monument. Our friendly and comfortably furnished house offers plenty of room for entertainment and relaxation, especially on our large outdoor grounds. Our rooms are generously sized and furnished, and access to laundry faculties is also available. Our large outdoor grounds offer ample opportunties for games, fun, and recreation - but be sure to take a chance to relax and enjoy the delightful view from our large sun terrace.

The Kyffhäuser mountains

The resort town of Kelbra is a home base for many guests for excursions into the Kyffhäuser Mountains as well as the Harz Range. The entire region is known for its unique caves, historic castles, and quaint open-air Museums.
The Kyffhäuser mountains have always been surrounded by an air of mystery and legends, with the castle ruins of the former imperial castle and the magnificent equestrian monument of Wilhelm I. at their centre. The "Heimkehle" cave is one ot Germany's largest gypsum karst caves with a lenght of 2 km. A guided tour will take you through its tunnels and rooms and past large lakes. Stolberg, too, is a marvellous town to see. Museums and squares remind visitors of one of the city's famous citzens, priest and leader of farmers Thomas Münzer.
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